Basic Macrame Workshop


Are you tired at home with nothing to do?
Maybe you want to start a new hobby that is fun and rewarding, if you are a mother and you want to share a special moment with your daughter or your niece, if your son has gone to form his new home and you will not see him that often (that happened to me)

Or maybe you want to add a touch of style to your home?
The odds are endless …
If you are a daughter and the women in your family have made you value their legacy in your life and you want a moment of reunion and harmony to share feelings, values ​​and hopes and to be able to thank them in a creative and fun, maybe the routine begins to take its toll, or you just want an afternoon of best friends …
Macramé is the best option!
It is a therapeutic art, to control your emotions, it helps us to minimize the stress levels of the day to day, it helps us to concentrate and to feel happy!
You will learn a little about the history of macramé, the different threads and ropes that can be used, the basic knots of macramé, you will meet people from different places and cultures but with the same enthusiasm and love for learning something new.
3-hour workshop, with a snack at the end of the workshop.
You will take home your finished creation that you will display at home and it will make you feel happy and proud to know what you can do!
With this basic Macramé workshop you can apply it to different crafts, like an accesories for yourself or a beautiful wallhanger to decorate your home.
Places always limited, do not stay out!

Materials such as scissors, metal hooks, tape measure, transparent tape, fabric stiffener, comb or macrame brush are NOT included; They will be shared by the group, if you want your own kit you can buy it separately.


Item Details

-All materials necessary to complete the product are included

-printed material to take home

-Snack at the end of the workshop